About Us

About GlobalBitcoinsPro.com

GlobalBitcoinsPro.com is a P2P (Peer to Peer) cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our main objective is to offer our service on a global scale resulting in a digital community coming together.

Users can post advertisements where they state their exchange rate for bitcoins with the option of various payment methods such as meeting in person to buy with cash or trading directly online via online banking. Your bitcoins are safely kept in our encrypted web wallet which you can also use to make bitcoin purchases directly.

Ultimately, what drives us is to make the exchange of bitcoins effortlessly attainable.


What Makes Us Different

GlobalBitcoinsPro.com is a globalised platform, enhancing the nature of localised currencies.

Unlike centralised stock exchanges and various bitcoin trading sites, on GlobalBitcoinsPro.com you are trading directly with another person. Overall, this makes the transaction between the buyer and seller swift and stress-free as you have the ability to receive your bitcoins instantly.

In addition, we have support for all payment methods and provide escrow and transaction support services, ensuring our clients are protected and secured at all times.


The Mission

Connecting everybody to the digital economy.

Our focus is to create a friendly, welcoming community in the new age of an economy which many may have found difficult to understand.

Because of this, we are constantly expanding our reach to be able to bring the world of cryptocurrencies to every city, all around the world.

This will be an enabler for more access to wealth, especially in developing countries which the traditional banking industry would otherwise have not reached.


Fees and Charges

A transaction fee is applied to transactions made to other cryptocurrency wallets outside of GlobalBitcoinspro. The amount of the commission varies depending on the current usage rate of the Bitcoin blockchain. The commission is automatically adjusted according to the current network congestion. Commissions for these transactions are paid through your GlobalBitcoinspro wallet once the transaction is made.


You may be aware that popular bitcoin websites have stopped all OTC cash trades and we understand that this has caused a major disruption in the market and also for P2P cryptocurrency traders.
Our aim is to invent a similar platform that provides assistance to customers and carries out these services which were previously available.
With extensive knowledge and over 7 years of expertise in the field, we can ensure that our user experience is efficient, reliable and most importantly, secure.
At GlobalBitcoins, we pride ourselves in making sure we provide legal and legitimate means of trading at all times. We do not tolerate prohibited activities and have put legal procedures in place to cease and prevent any fraudulent activity. The supply of cryptocurrencies sold or bought on this platform are solely for the purpose of trading cryptocurrencies.